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Ecologistics CEO serving as grant advisor for The Pollination Project

Stacey Hunt

Stacey Hunt, CEO of Ecologistics, Inc., has been selected to join the Environmental Sustainability Team for The Pollination Project as a grant advisor. Stacey and her team review ten grant applications per month and make decisions on whether to fund the proposed projects.

Founded by Dallas entrepreneur Ariel Nessel, the Pollination Project began as an experiment to award a $1,000 grant daily for 365 days in 2013. Nessel wanted to give directly to people who were doing good instead of donating his money to large charitable organizations. The Pollination Project’s mission continues today with a majority of the grant money still coming from Nessel. Pollination philanthropy focuses on seeding nascent social change projects and passionate and creative leadership. “By dividing a large chunk of money into targeted micro-grants, more good work gets funded, and thus has a chance to grow and ultimately blossom in the world,” says Pollination Project’s Executive Director, Allisa Hauser.

“I am thrilled to be invited to be a part of this amazing organization,” said Stacey. “I can’t think of a more fun job than to help give away $1,000 a day to inspiring people from all over the world who have the most creative ideas for dealing with social and environmental issues. They are true Bioneers.”

Fellow Ecologistics board member Celia Zaentz was awarded a Pollination Project grant in 2013 to start up the Blue C Community Garden in Los Osos, and Stacey’s help with that project landed her on the organization’s radar.

Besides Environmental Sustainability, The Pollination Project also funds grants in the areas of Animal Rights & Welfare, Arts & Culture, Economic Empowerment, Health & Wellness, Human Rights & Dignity, Kindness & Generosity, Leadership Development, Schools & Education and Youth. For more information go to https://thepollinationproject.org

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