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Education Revolution: Karen Brown

Smart by NatureStreamed in live from Marin at this year’s conference: Karen Brown. She will talk on “Revolutionizing K-12 Education with Sustainability in Mind.” Creative Director of the Center for Ecoliteracy, Brown is an award-winning designer and has lectured in the US, Europe, and Japan. She is central to a growing movement in schools across the nation and world to teach youth about living sustainably. Termed “Smart by Nature” education, students are given an alternative learning model: nature as teacher. In learning specific skills, a positive view of the future is conveyed. Brown will tell us how this vision is becoming reality.

Shawna Garritson, administrator of the Big Sur Charter School, has attended other lectures by Brown and is familiar with her program. “Ecoliteracy is transformational and is teaching us a whole new way to think about education that is relevant to our times,” Garritson said.


The Big Sur Charter School provides education in the arts, nature, and service by connecting with members of the community and local organizations.”As a ‘non-classroom’ public charter school, we are reinventing schooling for the 21st Century. The Center for Ecoliteracy supports schools like ours involved in this transformational work. Karen Brown, as a designer and presenter of creative ideas is inspirational to anyone involved in systems change in our schools or other social organizations.” Garritson and her students are looking forward to participating in this year’s CCB conference.

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