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Environmental Films at the SLO International Film Festival

Now in its 20th year, the San Luis Obispo Film Festival will feature five days, March 5 to March 9, of film screenings, panels, and celebrity-packed special events. Individual screening tickets are not pre-sold, so the best way to guarantee your seat is to buy a Festival Pass. For all regular screenings, all passes allow priority admission for up to 15 minutes before screen time. After that, seats are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Below are the films being screened this year with environmental topics. For a complete listing of this year’s schedule, go to www.slofilmfest.org.

AMERICAN MUSTANG – In an artful blend of exquisite nature documentary and character driven narrative, the majestic wild horses of the American West are revealed in stereoscopic 3D as never before. The wonder in a girl’s eye pulls us into a drama unfolding still on hundreds of millions of acres of public land. The battle lines have long been carved into the very landscape, and the players are deeply entrenched. Yet as the subtle choreography that has evolved over thousands of years begins again before our eyes, it is captivating. The intricate dance between a man and wild horse presents lessons for us all, even the battle-hardened special interest groups fighting over the place of the American Mustang.

Thursday, March 6th, 7 pm, Park Cinema, Paso Robles

Saturday, March 8th, 10 am, Downtown Theater, SLO

WILD HORSES – In this story, that spans one day, cruelty, courage, love and memory collide as two generations of women bear witness to the brutality common to wild horse roundups in the American West. A good companion to AMERICAN MUSTANG 3D. Produced by our AFI scholarship recipient (2012/13) Tara Tucker.

Thursday, March 6th,  7 pm, Park Theater, Paso Robles

Friday, March 7th, 7 pm, La Perla del Mar, 205 Windward, Shell Beach

ANTARCTICA: A Year on Ice – This feature-length film reveals what it is like to live and work at the bottom of the planet, in Antarctica, for a full year. The story is not from the point of view of scientists, but of the people who spend the most time there; the everyday workers who keep the stations running in the harshest place on the planet. Filmed over 15 years by Frozen Planet photographer Anthony Powell, the film features a unique insiders point of view, with unparalleled access, and never before seen stunning footage of the deep Antarctic winters.

Thursday, March 6th, 1 pm, Avila Beach Community Center, 911 San Miguel St.

Friday, March 7th, 10 am, Palm Theater, SLO

A BIRDER’S GUIDE TO EVERYTHING – David Portnoy, a 15-year-old birding fanatic, thinks that he’s made the discovery of a lifetime. So, on the eve of his father’s remarriage, he escapes on an epic road trip with his best friends to solidify their place in birding history. In an uncharacteristic lucky break, the pretty new girl in school winds up joining David and his posse as they steal a Cabriolet and set out on a trip of adventure and mishap. They persevere through car crashes, near-death experiences, and their own hilarious ineptitude. Along the way, rival birders and Dr. Lawrence Konrad, a treacherous ornithologist idol – try to beat them to the punch. Yet the closer David gets to discovery, the more David grows up: leading his friends, winning the girl, and realizing that his obsession with birds may be pointing him in the wrong direction. Co-written by Luke Metheny (Oscar-winning GOD OF LOVE)

Saturday, March 8th, 1 pm, Downtown Theater, SLO

Sunday, March 9th, 4 pm, Palm Theater, SLO

WIND – is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, the inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions. The wind creates a natural system for living. (Germany)

Friday, March 7th, 4 pm, Avila Beach Community Center

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