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Ecologistics is pleased to announce the completion of the long-awaited feature-length documentary by local photographer Brittany Anzel App, “Where There Once Was Water.”  In 2013, Brittany began photographing the effects of the drought in California through a personal photography project which ultimately became this film.  On her web site, the filmmaker says, “Through research, curiosity, and love, I have attempted, with this film, to be in service to the water that gives us life. To tell the story that connects us all … the story of water. Time is short. The climate has changed. Water is sacred. We must find a new way. We must write a new story. And we must write it together. The choice point has arrived.”

Please enjoy the trailer.  Brittany has submitted the film to numerous film festivals around the world and we wish her the best of luck with this very important passion project.

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