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Guerrilla Gardening Club opens new thrift shop

Guerrilla Gardening Club Logo

Guerrilla Gardening Club, a nonprofit operated in Morro Bay by Taylor Newton, teaches gardening skills to young people looking for direction and community in their lives. The Club takes on public gardening projects in the Morro Bay area. Their mission:

To turn nothing into everything.

To cultivate our home land.

To think and be one with the plants.

To learn how to be safe and free.

To create work for those who want to do it.

The Club’s latest project is a Collective Thrift Shop, located at 859 Main Street in Morro Bay. The shop allows Club members to gain experience in a retail setting and consign crafts they’ve designed and unwanted items they gather. The store sells gently used donated items and up-cycled items made by Club members. Store hours are Monday, 11-3:30, Wednesday-Sunday 11-5, closed Tuesday.  All proceeds benefit the Club’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit. For more information contact Jennifer Randolph at (805) 462-7398.

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