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Interested in learning more about Nina Simons’ Cultivating Women’s Leadership retreats?

Nina Simons with Cultivating Women’s Leadership Participants

Cultivating Women’s Leadership is a program created by Nina Simons of Bioneers to increase the ability of women from all walks of life —age, race, ethnicity, issue area and orientation — to step into greater leadership in order to effect positive progressive, environmental and social change in their communities. CWL seeks to celebrate and restore value to the characteristics of our humanity which have been previously relegated to the feminine and therefore systematically devalued and denigrated in all people to the detriment of our collective future. (CCBioneers’ Stacey Hunt is an alum of the CWL program.)  There will be two CWL retreats in 2015, one in June in Ben Lomond, CA and one in July in Northern New Mexico. If you are curious about the program, or about CWL in general, you are invited to a free webinar on Thursday, March 5, at 2:30 pm. Nina Simons will visit with three CWL alumnae—Jess Rimington, Kimberly Tilsen-Braveheart and Barbara Sattler—to have an emergent conversation to explore:

  • What women may uniquely bring to leadership at this time
  • What were their biggest takeaways from experiencing the intensive
  • How is their experience of leadership different now, compared with before CWL?

Click here to learn more about the webinar and to RSVP.

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