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Introducing…..Soil Harmonics

Former Ecologistics board member Amanda Smith, has taken her permaculture, watershed restoration, regenerative agriculture and soil-food web studies and combined them into a new company, Soil Harmonics.  The company helps landowners of any size, from farmers to homeowners, re-establish a healthy ecosystem on their land by improving the health of the soil.

Soil Harmonics is holding its first Water Farming workshop on Saturday, November 17 from 9-5:30 in Paso Robles.  “This workshop is geared toward people who care about what is happening with our groundwater,” Amanda explains.  As a water analyst (she is the owner of Abalone Coast Analytical, a water testing company), Amanda is very concerned about our dropping water table.  “As we go deeper into the earth for water, we are drawing up concentrated toxic materials, such as arsenic and nitrates.”  The Water Farming workshop will teach landowners how to make the most of the water they do have by learning to use less of it.  This starts with soil full of microbes, minerals and organic matter.

“Our small space urban ecosystems are just as important as the larger ones that first come to mind when we say the word ‘ecosystem,’ such as rainforests and grasslands,” Amanda says.  “Your yard is feeding bees and butterflies that pollinate the crops that bring us food.”

And wouldn’t it be nice if “going out into nature” didn’t need to mean anything more than stepping into your back yard?   Information on how to register for Soil Harmonics’ Water Farming workshop is here.

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