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Join others who are supporting the work of Ecologistics

The Ecologistics board was touched to receive a $5,000 donation from Linda and Tori Poppenheimer, with a lovely letter, a portion of which appears below:

“Three years ago when I stumbled across the Central Coast Bioneers conference notice in the Sierra Club Santa Lucia Chapter newspaper, I had no idea what a Bioneer was or what to expect from the conference. It sounded interesting and fun so I bought tickets for Tori and I. We came away deeply touched, inspired, and driven to accomplish things we had been talking about for years. The whole experience was enchanting and we aspired to be Bioneers. The 2013 and 2014 conferences were just as wonderful.

It is embarrassing to admit that I had not given much thought to who actually did the work of putting on Central Coast Bioneers events and never considered that the proceeds did not necessarily cover expenses. I just selfishly enjoyed the fruits of your labor and that of the other volunteers and was blissfully unaware of any financial or other concerns. I feel deeply indebted and grateful to you for your generosity of spirit and tireless efforts to bring the magical experience of Bioneers to the Central Coast.”

The Poppenheimers are extending a challenge to others who wish to support Ecologistics in continuing to bring the Bioneers Conference to San Luis Obispo. As recently described in Pacific Sun by David Templeton, Bioneers is “an internationally renowned meeting of minds where progressive thinkers, scientists and artists gather to present images of the future, as inspired by the lessons of nature.” The purpose of the conference is to “start conversations that might lead to the protection of the planet and the continuance of the human race.”

Many conversations have been started at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference over the past five years, and the event has become a crossroads for local activists, changemakers and people who care deeply about the health of their communities.  With your help the conference can continue to serve this important purpose. Please consider joining the Poppenheimers and make a year-end charitable contribution to Ecologistics to continue its work. The Ecologistics Board thanks you for your support.

Stacey, Michael, Celia and Nadia


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