A Deeper Focus


Local level climate action

The mission of Run On Climate Education Fund, a fiscally sponsored organization of Ecologistics, is to build the climate movement by empowering those devoted to climate justice with the skills they need to move their community off of fossil fuels as quickly as possible.  Based in Vermont, Run On Climate Education Fund believes that fighting the climate crises starts locally.  In its first year and a half as an organization, Run On Climate Education Foundation, and its sister organization Run on Climate, have been able to provide critical support for local-level climate action. Here’s some of what they have accomplished so far:

  • Supported 9 climate champion candidates running for local office, including 3 who were elected.
  • Built a network of 17 (and growing!) local elected officials and policy experts across 14 states working to pass bold climate policy.
  • Helped pass ambitious local climate policies, such as $1 Million in funding for electric buses in Phoenix, AZ, a Green New Deal in Cambridge, MA, and solar requirements for new buildings in South Burlington, VT.
  • Built the first-ever local climate policy resource bank, which includes information and examples for the strongest local-level climate policies enacted to date in the U.S.
  • Trained 78 grassroots climate organizers on how to influence their local governments to enact stronger climate policy.

Donations to Run On Climate Education Fund can be made here.

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