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Meet Ecologistics’ fabulous interns

The Ecologistics board was thrilled to find three wonderful Cal Poly students to help us with our busy first half of 2022.  Their energy and skills were of great assistance as we put on not only our annual Central Coast Bioneers Conference, but also our Carrizo Colloquium, which had been on hiatus since 2018.  The interns also helped us grow our Instagram following and gathered and summarized data from our many sponsored organizations to be featured on a future web page.

Sarah Fanning will be a sophomore this fall and is majoring in Business Administration.  She is a member of Women in Business at Cal Poly and organized and marketed a silent auction for a local nonprofit that raised over $3,000 to send twelve students to backcountry Utah to camp and hike for a week.  Karina Curiel will be a senior this fall and is majoring in Environmental Management and Protection.  She is a member of the Association of Environmental Professionals and volunteers at the Cal Poly Food Pantry.  Alissa King will be a senior this fall and is also majoring in Environmental Management and Protection.  As part of her education at Cal Poly, Alissa prepared a step-by-step plan on how people could lead a more sustainable lifestyle with environmentally conscious food choices.  She also worked on a project where the students identified sunscreen’s effect on coral reefs and its harm to marine life and presented alternatives to help resolve the issue.

Alissa, Sarah and Karina are enjoying the summer off, and we are looking forward to their return in the fall.

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