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NatureQuant Sponsorship: NatureScore

A large and growing body of scientific literature demonstrates that contact with nature can lead to measurable mental and physical health benefits. However, few practical tools are available in areas like nature quantification, exposure assessment and tracking, environmental determinants of health, and otherwise time-consuming analytical techniques. 

The NatureQuant team has pioneered a technological solution to the current problem: NatureScore. NatureScore is a technology system that can deliver a simple measurement of the built and natural elements for any given location. More technical information on NatureScore’s mechanisms and benefits can be found here.

Ecologistics is delighted to be able to support NatureQuant through its fiscal sponsorship program.  NatureQuant just received a $200,000 REI grant to continue its work in completing the NatureScore system and make it available at no charge to state and local governments and nonprofits interested in improving access to nature in their communities.  

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