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Next on Ecologistics Presents: Incubation Station

On our next episode of Ecologistics Presents: Incubation Station:  As oaks are a keystone species of San Luis Obispo County, Templeton Heritage Tree Foundation exists as a partner to support Oak Nation. Join us as we speak to Kelly Reed Daulton about her group of dedicated North County quercophiles, who provide preventive oak health care, educate the community on the importance of these legacy trees, hold oak-related events, and, of course, plant locally sprouted oak trees.

Date: Thursday, June 3

Time: 6:30-7:00 pm PDT

Log into your FB account and search for Ecologistics.  Once  you’re on our page you will see the livestream at the top.  You can click the comment button to ask questions.  If you don’t have Facebook, you can watch the livestream on our web site at www.ecologistics.org.  One of our missions here at Ecologistics is to act as an incubator for environmental and social justice startups.  We do this through our fiscal sponsorship program.  Fiscal sponsorship is an IRS-approved way of accepting tax-deductible donations from supporters of your project via an already established charitable organization.  We incubate activism in many forms: documentary filmmaking, biodiversity protection, nature education, conservation, racial justice, and inclusivity.  Each month on this program we will feature one of the sponsored changemakers taking on these important issues.

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