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Renewables-driven microgrids: the key to future energy systems

Ecologistics is excited to present an afternoon workshop on microgrids at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference, to be held Saturday, September 23rd at the Octagon Barn in San Luis Obispo. A Community Microgrid is a coordinated local grid area served by one or more distribution substations and supported by high penetrations of local renewables and other distributed energy resources (DER), such as energy storage and demand response.  Community Microgrids represent a new approach for designing and operating the electric grid, relying heavily on DER to achieve a more sustainable, secure, and cost-effective energy system while providing indefinite, renewables-driven backup power for prioritized loads. Community Microgrids provide communities unparalleled economic, environmental, and resilience benefits.  Craig Lewis, founder of Clean Coalition, will explain renewables-driven microgrids and how they are key to future energy systems.  Don’t miss this important information.  More information and registration here.   

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