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San Luis Obispo Resident at Standing Rock Protest


San Luis Obispo, CA resident Roberto Monge setting up Tech Warrior Camp at Dakota Access Pipeline Project Standing Rock Protest, October 2016 – Photo Roberto Monge

Ecologistics was fortunate to be approached by San Luis Obispo resident Roberto Monge offering to make a presentation at the Deep Ecology Collaboratory October 22nd about his experiences at the Dakota Access Pipeline project Standing Rock Protest. Roberto was just back from a trip to the site with his daughter to help set up a tech warrior camp.

The challenges faced by the tribes was a lack of broadband on site and spotty cell data that was probably being jammed by law enforcement. The camp is located in a river valley with no easy line of sight to cell or radio towers. The tribes were in desperate need to get information out about the human rights violations they were suffering at the hands of the oil company and County law enforcement. Putting $6,000 on his credit card, Roberto purchased networking equipment to set up a media center so that the water protectors could stay in touch with the outside world.

Please help keep the communication lines open by donating to Roberto’s Tech Warrior Camp GoFundMe campaign. So far over $8,000 has been raised toward improving communications, setting up media aggregation stations, providing portable solar and wind systems and creating a local radio station. Another $17,000 is needed.

You could have heard a pin drop in the room as Roberto related stories of courage, persistence and unwavering peacefulness by the water protectors in the face of the ugliest treatment you could possibly imagine. One would think we were hearing old tales of the 1800s and not something happening right here, right now. Consider writing to Senators Boxer or Feinstein or to your local Representative or signing a petition urging President Obama to intervene in these atrocities.

San Luis Obispo County is well represented at Standing Rock. Besides Robert Monge, local documentary filmmaker Brittany App (Where There Once Was Water) and musician Erin Inglish are on their way to Standing Rock to join the peaceful demonstrations. Los Osos resident Caitlin O’Donnell is also departing this week to stand with the water protectors. Our hearts go with them in their struggle.

Watch the short video SLO Sands with Standing Rock.

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  1. Gerri Clemens

    I live in San Miguel CA but presently in South Dakota where I grew up. I was at Standing Rock November 10, 2016. When I saw the article about Robert I wanted to be able to get in touch. It’s so important to stop this pipeline. I grew up in a small town, Chamberlain, along the River. It’s a lifesource unto itself. I was impressed by the community that was created. Courage was evident when speaking to those that put into action their belief to protect the waters. I still have concerns for their safety even though there’s a delay in drilling. With President-Elect Trumps vision of the world regarding energy this pipeline will proceed. I see a lot of complacency about this pipeline. Myself I continue to see the beauty of this place, the loss that could occur when a pipe bursts loss of economy of these small towns that depend on fishermen hunters from across this nation. Ranchers and farmers and of course city dwellers whose livelihoods would be in jeopardy. The Standing Rock Sioux are standing up for and trying to protect these lands and waters for all of us and where are all the rest of us in supporting their efforts. I hope to see us holding each other up when the fighting gets tougher because I believe the fight has just begun. I don’t want to see anyone hurt. I pray for everyone involved.

  2. Stacey Hunt

    Gerri, thanks for all you are doing at Standing Rock. With the efforts of all of you the struggle got national attention and finally some action. I, too, fear what the incoming administration will do.

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