A Deeper Focus


Special pre-conference screening of Money & Life hosted by HopeDance FiLMs

On Wednesday, October 17 at 7:00 p.m. at the Palm Theater in San Luis Obispo, HopeDance Films will have a special pre-Central Coast Bioneers Conference screening of a rough cut premiere of a film about transformation, Money & Life. This cinematic odyssey takes us on a journey exploring the origins of money all the way to the current global financial crisis and how we got here. Most importantly, the documentary looks at what is emerging in the so-called New Economy.

Following the film there will be a discussion with members of our community who are involved with SLOW Money, Socially Responsible Investments, Community Currencies, TimeBank of SLO and the Gifting Economy. The conversation will continue on Friday at the eco-preneurship and locanomics track at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference.

Tickets for the film are $10.

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