A Deeper Focus


Sustainable Vocations

Cody LeedsThe Sustainable Vocations workshop is designed to look at the essential need to train youth for sustainability-based jobs in the emerging green economy. Education and skill building empowers youth, preparing them for leadership roles that will create deep change. Cody Leeds will lead the workshop, outlining the opportunities that already exist for training. He will tell us about the three week Permaculture course offered at Quail Springs for people ages 15 to 24.

Leeds received his certificate from the Permaculture Design Institute of Australia at only 12 years old. “In the years preceding getting my Permaculture Design Certificate,” he explained, “I had spent a lot of time in nature. This observation of natural patterns is in the root of Permaculture so my interest naturally developed.” Currently he works for the Wilderness Youth Project, a non-profit connecting kids with nature. In addition he is involved with Quail Springs and is starting a Green Living Co-Op in Santa Barbara where he grew up. In addition to listening to inspiring speakers, Leeds is most excited to meet like-minded people at CCB.

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