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UCSB professor Leah Stokes to be featured at Central Coast Bioneers

A massive influx of clean energy investments is poised to transform the American economy during this decade. Opportunities abound to take advantage of new climate incentives. If we get this right, the U.S. could be on track to reach 80% clean power by 2030, leading to deep decarbonization across other sectors including transportation, buildings and manufacturing. Nevertheless, success is far from guaranteed without widespread action from the grassroots to the canopy. What did it take to pass a historic $370 billion climate deal in Congress? How can American households and businesses take full advantage of it? What does effective, equitable implementation look like? Join award-winning author, political scientist, and climate expert Dr. Leah Stokes for a deep dive on clean energy policy and the tools we have to realize our electric future in this decade and beyond.  Dr. Stokes is one of the nation’s most influential leading experts and “engaged scholars” in climate and energy policy.  Her recorded talk at the National Bioneers Conference in April 2023 will be shown and followed by an update by San Luis Obispo Climate Coalition on local clean energy policies and how SLO County residents can help create a cleaner, healthier future, save money, and reduce our impact on the environment.  More information and registration info at https://ecologistics.org/ccb-conference-2023/

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