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Welcome to Templeton Heritage Tree Foundation

Ecologistics is blessed with yet another wonderful grassroots organization to sponsor, Templeton Heritage Tree Foundation, headed up by the very dedicated Kelly Reed Daulton.  Using the motto “we’re just here for the trees,” the Foundation was created to preserve and restore Templeton’s urban oaks through education, tree planting, community engagement and advocacy for legacy and heritage oaks.

“Many people believe that SLO County’s tree ordinance is designed to protect all oaks trees, but that isn’t so,” explains Kelly.  Street trees are often ignored by the County until they are deemed hazardous, at which time it is probably too late to save them.  Local utilities cut back the trees without regard to long-term health and preventative pruning is often prohibitively expensive for homeowners.  “The Foundation strives to assist residents with these issues to help save existing urban oaks,” Kelly says.

The fit was a natural for the Ecologistics board, which voted unanimously to sponsor the Foundation.  “We really love Kelly’s focus and her goals of educating the public on alternatives to destroying the oaks,” says Ecologistics CEO Stacey Hunt.  “Plus, she is not afraid to get involved politically to support pro-tree policies and legislation.”

Donations can be made to the Templeton Heritage Tree Foundation on the Ecologistics web site.

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  1. angelo figone

    Hello from Palm Springs, California:
    I am a family descendent of the Nyberg Family from Templeton, California c. 1910. Several family members are buried in the Templeton Cemetery which we visit periodically.
    I am interested in receiving email/information regarding the Templeton Heritage Tree Foundation and would like to participate as a donor. Many thanks for your reply.

  2. Hello Ecologistics! We are practically neighbors here in Ventura County. I like your perspective on tree preservation and the involvement of the community. We follow all of the Ventura County ordinances covering the trimming and removal of trees, including heritage, historical, and other protected trees. I hope you may reach out to us when the need or desire arises.

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