A Deeper Focus


What does the Bioneers make possible for San Luis County?

Aerial View of San Luis ObispoMy heart and mind are swirling with fire and passion as I listen to the plenary speakers this morning at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference. I can feel seeds of new sustainable possibilities sprouting in my head.

I can’t help but wonder, “what does this conference, the influx of new ideas and inspiration, make possible for San Luis Obispo’s path towards sustainability?”

Before I go any further let me throw out a working definition of this elusive word sustainability.  Sustainable systems meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable systems create the conditions for life to thrive.

How can SLO county develop sustainable:

  • Local and regional food systems
  • Energy generation and consumption habits
  • Education systems(K-12 and university levels)
  • Businesses
  • Local Government agencies
  • Culture

What infrastructure already exists to facilitate a move towards greater sustainability in our community?

What infrastructure still needs to be created that will help diverse groups of people and organizations work together towards the common goal of creating a sustainable future for the coming generations?

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