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CCBioneers speaker dedicated to ending food insecurity

One in six Americans – over 50 million people nationwide are food insecure, meaning they have limited or uncertain access to adequate food. The One World Everybody Eats Foundation is dedicated to eliminating hunger and food waste by mentoring community cafe startups around the world. The concept was begun in 2003 when founder Denise Cerreta decided to follow a new model at her One World Cafe, to allow customers to choose their own portions and what price they were willing to pay. She has since gained local, national and world-wide notoriety for her “pay what you can” pricing, serving healthy, seasonal foods, and creating a meal that is within anyone’s reach. Today there are 60 cafes either operating or in the planning stages. Most recently, all 48 Panera Bread stores in St. Louis, Missouri adopted a “pay what you can” turkey chili entree dubbed the “Meal of Shared Responsibility.” Come hear Denise tell her story of the leap she made to create this worldwide movement and its impacts on society so far. She will tell us how to take this inspiration to action on the Central Coast.

Denise Cerreta

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