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Community Roots Project joins the Ecologistics family

Last month Ecologistics welcomed Community Roots Project to its family of sponsored organizations.  CRP is a group of BIPOC and Queer creatives fostering community through action and mixed media storytelling.   “The mission of CRP,” explains co-founder Stephen Heraldo, “is to lift up marginalized groups, create a central hub for original content, bring people together and give back.”

CRP is already hard at work producing content and has created a platform that did not previously exist in local mainstream media to celebrate the existence of marginalized groups to amplify their voices.  CRP plans to host community virtual and in-person events centered around marginalized groups and their life experiences.   The group also plans to create an e-commerce store where artists can sell their merchandise.  Funds raised will be put back into the community.

Project so far include working with Wilshire Hospice to create a 3-part series to give virtual exposure to the sacred Mexican holiday Dias de los Muertos, and a mini documentary with R.A.C.E. Matters.

“We are looking forward to using our skill set to promote the efforts of local nonprofits creating positive human impacts,” says Stephen.  To contact CRP for more information or to see some of their work go to https://www.communityrootsproject.com/

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