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Consider a year-end donation to Ecologistics

As we wind down a very productive and fast-moving comeback year after COVID, the Ecologistics Board of Directors would like to thank all of our 2022 supporters and fans, who attended our Central Coast Bioneers conference and our Carrizo Colloquium.  We have a big year planned again next year, including the return of the Salinas River Symposium in the spring and a Central Coast Bioneers Conference in the fall.  We also hope to have the funding to host a community organizing training session by the famed Midwest Academy, so that local activists can get the skills they need to continue reaching out to the community on critical issues affecting our planet.

Ecologistics is now sponsoring 46 nonprofits through our fiscal sponsorship program.  Fiscal sponsorship is an IRS-approved way for smaller nonprofits who don’t have the means or person-power to obtain their own 501(c)(3) charitable designation to accept tax-deductible donations through Ecologistics to funds their projects.  Our sponsored groups are having an incredible impact on their communities – please take a look at the list on our web site: https://ecologistics.org/fiscal-sponsorship/sponsored-organizations/

Without Ecologistics, these change-makers would not be able to operate.  A donation to Ecologistics helps not only our work, but their work as well.  Please consider year-end, tax-deductible donation to Ecologistics and be a part of our exciting 2023!

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