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Embodied Racial Justice Workshop, March 23 in Los Osos

If your body could speak, what would it say when it witnessed acts of injustice? The Embodied Racial Justice workshop will explore this question. Co-sponsored by R.A.C.E. Matters, the workshop creates opportunities for participants to develop racial justice strategies by exploring how the body holds, processes, reacts and/or responds to racism and discrimination. By attuning to the body’s ability to store experiences and create new ones – we empower ourselves to become effective agents for racial justice.

Through reflection, art-making, and dialogue, the workshop creates opportunities to think about and change how we internalize injustice so that we can consciously make the shift to repair, engage, and advocate towards a just community.

Participants will deepen racial literacy and develop strategies for sustained anti-racist work in our communities through being in and experiencing the body.  For example, the body processes the discomfort, shame, and nervousness of witnessing racist acts, and, it also registers the courage, pride, and the endorphin rush of being a brave interrupter. Through the workshop, we explore how we use those experiences to propel us forward into being present and committed to rigorous anti-racist work in a more integrated manner. Facilitated by Rebecca Lynne Prather MA, MS and Sandra Sarrouf, MA.

What to Expect:

–Small group activities to designed to surface racialized power dynamics

–Movement: Tableau, Gestures, Dance (all movement is accessible & modifiable)

–Opportunities to share/perform creative work generated in the process

–Visual art activities        –Journaling– Collective poetry writing


March 23rd, 2-6pm in Los Osos at the Morro Shores Community Center.

For instructor bios and to register, click here.  You must register by March 17th.

Sliding scale $50-$100 with profits donated to support the work of R.A.C.E Matters and their children-focused sub-group, RaiseUP SLO.

Limited childcare and financial hardship scholarships are available.

Contact: ssarrouf29@gmail.com, (805) 459-2055

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