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Google Earth-Eye View

Rebecca MoorePlenary speaker Rebecca Moore will speak on her fabulous creation, the Google Earth Outreach program. In her talk, Mapping a Future Environment of Hope, Moore will share her global vision. A computer scientist and software professional, Moore created this remarkable program as a virtual way of exploring the world. The program enables non-profits and public organizations to bring their cause to life on this interactive. Maps, videos, and text allow viewers to virtually experience what is going on from the Amazon rainforest, Appalachian mountains to the deep ocean, and Navajo Nation.

The site enables connection, reaches out to the public, offers tutorials in making maps, and even provides grants. Through Google’s mapping tools, Moore hopes to address environmental conservation, human rights, cultural preservation, and push us towards envisioning and building a sustainable society. Moore’s idea brilliantly uses the Internet to burgeon awareness and bring to life the positive work many of us are doing.

Vanessa Amerson, a GIS specialist at Padre associates (environmental planners and scientists) here in SLO is excited for Moore’s talk:”Publicly available environmental information paired with accessible mapping technology will undoubtedly increase public engagement in our environment. I am looking forward to hearing about Google Earth-Eye View.”

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