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Homefront EJ hosts Morro Bay high students

Homefront Environmental Justice, Morro Bay is working on the MBEAM project to measure CO2 levels around the Morro Bay Estuary.  With the help of their two CaliforniaCorp fellows, Chris DiMaggio and Christine Choi, and Dr. Emily Bockman’s Carbon Lab students, they hosted a group of Morro Bay High School juniors and seniors on a field trip.  The students were shown how to take water samples and prepare them for transport to the Cal Poly Carbon Lab for analysis.  The MBEAM team showed the students how to take atmospheric CO2 readings and taught them on the inter-relationship between ocean acidification, CO2 and the function of blue carbon areas like the Morro Bay Estuary.  The high school students learned the importance of carbon sequestering of eelgrass and aquaculture.

Thank you, Homefront EJ, for training the next generation of climate scientists!

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