A Deeper Focus


Hope Gives You Room To Breathe

If I had to describe Bioneers in one word it would be hope. Unlike so many things about the future and the environment, Bioneers places a focus on solutions and optimism.  As a seventeen year old student about to go off into the world hope is nice. Hope is reassuring. Hope gives you room to breathe and think in a sane state of mind.

Alec Loorz gave us hope by taking action for future generations and making a stand. John Francis gave us hope by showing that one person can make a huge change by doing something as small as not talking. Eric Veium and Chad Worth gave us hope on a local level by showing that switching to renewable energy is easier than it seems. And Lynne Twist gave us hope by showing that all we need is four years and a drive make a difference to turn the tide against the social and environmental atrocities of the world.

As I leave Bioneers today I leave knowing that I am not alone. In fact, I’m far from alone. There are so many people out there doing all sorts of amazing things for the planet, be they social, environmental, or technological. And while we can’t just sit back and let these amazing people do everything for us, it helps me sleep a little better at night. And that’s nice.

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