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Incubation Station returns!


Ecologistics is the fortunate sponsor of over 45 nonprofit organizations working on a wide variety of environmental and social justice projects.  In March 2021 we launched a livestream Facebook program, Incubation Station, to feature the work of these changemakers.  The project was on hiatus in 2022, but has now been restarted by our wonderful interns, Alissa King and Karina Curiel, with the assistance of AmeriCorps VIP Kate Mahoney.  The videos are now recorded instead of live.  On May 23rd we posted an interview with Andrea Wasko and Meaghan Gilbert of Economics of Being a Woman, talking about their program that offers financial education programs for women, men, students, youth, seniors, families, businesses and nonprofits.  On June 3rd we posted an interview with Valentin Abend and Pamela EA of Climate Words, who spoke about their mission to provide accessible climate education for everyone, focusing on climate language, by building a new online lexicon of climate words, terms and ideas, including associated texts, resources and images.   These interviews, plus recordings of the past livestreams, can be viewed on the Ecologistics Facebook page.

Upcoming are interviews with Our Roots, Our Routes, Quick Pickle Kit and a tour of a Repair Café put on by Five Cities Repair Café.

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