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Next on Incubation Station

On our next episode of Ecologistics Presents: Incubation Station:  How did a group of recent college graduates concerned their local government was doing nothing to address climate change run for office and flip a city council?  And now, galvanized by their success, they are starting an organization to support climate champions in mobilizing their communities, running grassroots campaigns for local office, and passing policies that are in line with the stark reality of climate science.  Sarah Sciortino, Carter Neubieser and Jack Hanson from Run on Climate will discuss their experience in Burlington, VT building the climate movement locally and why focusing on the local level is critical for the climate movement.

Date: Thursday, February 3

Time: 6:30-7:00 pm PDT

Log into your FB account and search for Ecologistics.  Once  you’re on our page you will see the livestream at the top.  You can click the comment button to ask questions. If you don’t have Facebook, you can watch the livestream on our web site at www.ecologistics.org.

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