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Paul Hawken to be featured at CCBioneers

Paul Hawken’s presentation on Project Drawdown at the 2019 National Bioneers Conference will be screened at Central Coast Bioneers on Saturday, February 1 at the SLO Guild Hall.  The visionary goal of Project Drawdown, founded by Hawken, is to actually reverse global warming by drawing carbon out of the atmosphere back down to pre-industrial levels. All the practices and technologies documented in Hawken’s best-selling Drawdown book are already commonly available, economically viable, and scientifically valid. The true power of Drawdown is its holistic nature. Doing what’s right for the climate means doing the right thing across the board and will also create abundant, meaningful jobs and a vibrant green economy. For over 30 years, Hawken has been at the forefront of transformative solutions for people and planet, including his highly influential books The Ecology of Commerce, Natural Capitalism and Blessed Unrest.  Tickets on sale now here.

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