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Poly Canyon Ventures now under Ecologistics umbrella

Ecologistics is pleased to announce that it has entered into a fiscal sponsorship arrangement with Poly Canyon Ventures, a non-profit organization founded and managed by Cal Poly students. PCV’s mission is to help Cal Poly students learn about socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship and early-stage investing by embodying the college’s learn-by-doing philosophy.

PCV’s Board of Advisors is made up of Michael Hammons, co-founder and managing partner of Sustainable Growth Management, Tod Nelson, Executive Director of Cal Poly’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the SLO HotHouse, and Dan Banfield, controller of Cal Poly Corporation.  Students will rotate through PCV’s Board of Directors positions.

“Ecologistics is excited to partner with these young entrepreneurs and inventors at the start of their careers,” explains Board Chair Michael Jencks, “so that we can introduce them early on to the concepts of B-corporations and giving back to the environmental community through 1% for the Planet.”

According to Board Member Nathan Johnson, a 5th year Industrial Engineers student, funds donated to PCV through Ecologistics will fund activities such as elevator pitch and Innovation Quest competitions, start-up career fairs, and to assist startups into the Cal Poly HotHouse.  Social and environmental startups that have come through the Hot House include Higea, focusing on oil spill cleanup, Boltabout, an electric bike rental company, Flume, a water usage application, and Reduce-Reuse-Grow, a sustainable packaging company.

PCV has begun an outreach effort on campus to attract women entrepreneurs to become involved.

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