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SLO Clean Energy update

SLO Clean Energy announces its Ambassador program to strengthen the outreach for the possibility of local, clean energy economy within the communities of San Luis Obispo. The program is designed to empower individuals, business owners, and others to present the benefits and risks of a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program to their professional networks, organizations, and community groups. Ultimately, elected leaders in the incorporated cities and the board of supervisors for outlying areas in the county need public support to pass a resolution to initiate the process of creating a CCA program.

Ambassadors are encouraged to educate their local government and consider CCA as the most effective path to a better future. Through presentations, public meetings, community events and other venues, Ambassadors inspire others and show our community leaders that local, clean energy is possible. Those passionate and dedicated individuals interested in creating a sustainable future should contact SLO Clean Energy for more information: www.slocleanenergy.org

Under a CCA program, a publically-accountable business is authorized to receive revenues from the generation portion of the participating customer’s electricity bill. PG&E continues to maintain the transmission lines and meters, and perform other activities necessary to reliably deliver power to everyone from other portions of the electricity bill. With an estimated $115 million annually available to the communities, decisions about what matters to local customers are fully realized. The City of Novato has recently decided to join Marin Clean Energy since it will save more money than staying with PG&E: http://novato.patch.com/articles/city-opts-to-buy-power-from-marin-energy-authority. Sonoma Clean Power, the next emerging CCA in California, had 11 competitive bidders vying to secure energy contracts for Sonoma County’s CCA program.

SLO Clean Energy’s mission includes clean, local energy generation along with local economic development, long-term rate stability, and increased power reliability in times of emergency. During the 2012 Central Coast Bioneers Conference, SLO Clean Energy began key conversations with elected leaders and partnering organizations to start the process for a feasibility study of a local CCA program. SLO Clean Energy continues to educate the public, community-benefit groups, businesses and local leadership on the possibility of CCA and create collaborative partnerships via an ambassador program. SLO Clean Energy can accept 501(c)(3) tax-benefited contributions to help fund the efforts for reaching out and educating the public. For more information, visit www.slocleanenergy.org.

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