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Truth to power: taking on coal and nuclear domination

How can we take on the most powerful pillar of the status quo—the fossil fuel industry? And how can we, despite these challenging times, find and maintain the necessary courage, steadfastness, and stamina to see our way through to victory? How do we organize and build effective coalitions? Mariel Nanasi, Executive Director of the courageous New Mexico non-profit, New Energy Economy, shared insights drawn from her longtime leading role in confronting the electric utility monopoly, the most powerful corporation in her state at the National Bioneers Conference in San Rafael.  Mariel is an inspiring dynamo who lives by the motto: “Activism is the antidote to despair.”  A video presentation of her talk will be shown Saturday November 4 at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference.  For more information about the conference or to purchase an advance ticket, go to www.ecologistics.org.

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