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Weekend 2 of Virtual Bioneers Conference coming up


The first weekend of Bioneers, December 5-6 was amazing.  People from 28 different countries participated in the very first Virtual Bioneers Conference.  Participants were able to communicate and network in the chat screen which made it even more interactive than attending in person.  As Bioneers co-founder Kenny Ausubel said in his opening remarks, “When people realize real solutions exist, it leverages momentum for change.”

On Weekend 2, December 12 and 13, we will hear keynote speakers Ayana Elizabeth Johnson on “The Feminist Climate Renaissance, ” john a. powell on “Creating the Conditions for Belonging and Breathing in a Toxic Environment” and Mari Margil and Thomas Linzey on “The Global Movement for the Rights of Nature,” among many others.  There will be panels on “The Power of Community: Aligning Governments and Grassroots for Urgent Climate Action” and “The New Deals We Need Now: Green, Red and Blue.”

Discounted tickets are available to our Central Coast Bioneers Community if you use the promo code CentralCoast.  Registration and more information here.

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