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Welcome Greening Los Osos

Who wants more trees in Los Osos?  We do!  That is why Ecologistics has approved a new organization, Greening Los Osos, for fiscal sponsorship.  The mission of the group, made up of Tony Salome, David Hunter, Vita Miller and Linde Owen, is to preserve, maintain and enhance the tree population in Los Osos on both public and private lands.  “Los Osos has lost approximately 500 trees in the last few years, mainly to drought and to the installation of the sewer infrastructure,” Tony explains.  GLO has created a brochure with recommendations on which trees to plant in Los Osos and tree planting tips.  You can pick one up, along with free tree seedlings at their first big event on Saturday, April 27 form 2-5 pm at the Sea Pines Barefoot Concert on the Green at Sea Pines Golf Resort in Los Osos.  Kids activities will be offered including tree coloring handouts and acorn planting.

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  1. Patricia Decker

    We are vacationing in Los Osos and would love to have an opportunity to plant some trees while we are there. Do you still have free saplings and ideas for places to plant trees and some shovels?

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